Disclosure Policy


I intend for this site to be more than just an author site. My intention with the books and my websites is always to help people in some way. Sometimes I may receive a special deal to share with my readers. If I think that you might benefit from a sale or a discount of some kind I will share it. Many, many more I just pass up.


To make things clear, when I do share these offers with you sometimes I am compensated (usually a small percentage but it does vary) if you make a purchase and extremely rarely if you just see the ad or click on it. Regardless of compensation I will try to make sure that the offers I post are legit, fair and of interest to my readers. The goal will certainly be to make things either easier, faster, cheaper, help you earn more to better care for your family or to somehow enhance your life.

If you love visiting this site I do encourage you to take advantage of the things that interest you. I do have very real expenses and your support helps keep this blog going. The ads you see help pay those bills. The links to products, cash back type of sites, coupons and possibly banners for some stores or products all have a possibility of providing income for this site. I want to thank you for supporting this page.

When you see a post on this site you can be 100% sure that it is honest and my true feelings about a product whether I received compensation or not. My opinions will not be bought and are not for sale. Now, do know that when a sponsor asks me to try something for them and I don’t like the product, normally the sponsor will choose not to have that post published. This is their right. You can be assured that if that is the case you won’t see that product promoted anywhere on this blog.

That said, this really isn’t a product review site so unless something would be useful I don’t see the point in publishing it. Any questions regarding products on this page should be directed to the manufacturer as I am only posting the information as it is given to me.

It is not my intention to turn this into a giveaways site. When there are giveaways, they will be kept short and simple.

Any instance where I receive product, services or monetary compensation will be full disclosed. Everything about this site is family friendly and above board.

Books by T. Smith is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As well as other affiliate programs just like almost any other blogger out there.

Please note that I post information that is current at the time of posting. With all companies prices can and likely will change over time. Always, always check the price before you make a purchase.

I hope you find your visit to this website enjoyable and even beneficial. If there is something you would like to see more of tell me about it. I can’t make promises but in many instances I am more than happy to help.

The majority of the products mentioned on this site I will have tried or I have a good friend that has recommended them highly. Sometimes I might just be excited about a class I signed up for that I have researched heavily and believe it to be a good thing. Occasionally it might be a product that I don’t own but would love to own myself. Bottom line: I won’t recommend anything that someone in this household hasn’t used already or wish they did.

Everything on this blog is transparent. Not sure, just ask.

April 1, 2017